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Mod CS-LR08H*

Mod CS-LR08H*

For power supply, analog command signal and PreSet
there are no salable codes online
If you have entered Filters, try changing them or look in the "Configurator" tab

Cable with M12 8 pin connnector, 90°, female

Mod. Cable length (m) Shielding Pins
CS-LR08HB-H200 2 Unshielded 8
CS-LR08HB-H500 5 Unshielded 8
CS-LR08HC-G200 2 Shielded 8
CS-LR08HC-G500 5 Shielded 8

Câble avec connecteur M12 8 broches, 90°

Mod. Cable length (m)
CS-LR08HB-C200 2
CS-LR08HB-C500 5

Cavo con connettore M12, 8 poli femmina 90°

Mod. Cable length (m) Shielding
CS-LR08HB-H200 2 Unshielded
CS-LR08HB-H500 5 Unshielded
CS-LR08HC-G200 2 Shielded
CS-LR08HC-G500 5 Shielded