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Series 7000 - Cooling
Tube external diameters: 6, 8 mm
Fittings threads: ISO-228 BSPP (G1/8, G1/4, G3/8).
Series 7000 Cooling push-in fittings have been designed with a special technopolymer based on bio-sourced renewable raw materials that allow the component to resist water absorption, temperature variations and liquid cooling additives.
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Diameters ø 6 mm ø 8 mm
Maximum operating pressure - 20° / + 40°
+ 40° / + 70°
+ 70° / + 100°
16 bar
14 bar
12 bar
16 bar
12 bar
10 bar
Minimum working pressure -0,9 bar
Temperature - 20 ÷ + 100 (See characteristics of tubes used)
Threads GAS cylindrical ISO-228 BSPP
Connecting tube Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE), Polyamide (PA), Fluoropolymer (PTFE), Polyester (HY3L), rigid metal pipe with smooth grooved metal end
Fluid Industrial water and cooling fluids (for other fluids consult our technicians)
Materials (A) Body = Technopolymer (PA11), Brass with chemical nickel plating
(B) Button = Technopolymer (PA66)
(C) Gripping ring= Stainless steel (AISI 301)
(D) Seals = EPDM (E) Thread = Brass with chemical nickel plating