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Series 3E

Series 3E

Sizes 20, 32
Series 3E cylinders are electric rod actuators that combine a screw and motor to generate accurate linear motion. These are an alternative to pneumatic cylinders but possessing all the benefits of electric actuators in terms of speed, ease of parameter setting and flexibility in handling different load sizes and formats. Their compact design ensures easy integration with the machine, without affecting performance. Robust and quick, these actuators are ideal for multi-position applications and can be used with external proximity switches for homing operations or allowing extra-stroke readings to be performed.

Moreover, Series 3E can be supplied with the motor already assembled, to further reduce commissioning and wiring time. Series 3E electromechanical cylinders are the ideal solution for industrial applications that require rapid format changeovers or numerous production cycles. Their precision, reliability and flexibility, make these cylinders ideal for use in assembly lines, packaging systems or for material handling.
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Construction electromechanical cylinder with recirculating ball screw
Design profile with thread rolling screws based on the ISO 15552 standard
Operation multi-position actuator with high precision linear movement
Sizes 20, 32
Strokes min - max 10 ÷ 500 mm
Anti-rotation function with anti-friction pads in technopolymer
Mounting front flange, foot mounts, clamps or front / rear / swivel trunnion
Mounting motor in line and parallel
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C ÷ 80°C
Protection class IP40
Lubrication Not necessary. A pre-lubrication is performed on the cylinder.
Repeatability <± 0,02
Duty cycle 100% (if supplied with motor already assembled, the duty cycle depends on the motor selected)
Max rotation play ± 0,4°
Use with external sensors slots on four sides for sensors model CSD
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Series 3E cylinders

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*Dimension not in compliance with ISO 15552 standard

Size AM AF ØB(h8) BG E ØF(h8) KF KK L1+ ØMM R RT PL SW1 SW2 TG VA VD ØN NA WH ZJ+ weight stroke 0 [g] weight stroke [kg/m]
20 16 11 28,5 10 35 5 M6 M8x1,25 75 14 16 M4 19 13 13 24 6,5 2 2,2 11,3 7,5 82,5 326 2,57
32 19 13 34 10 42 5 M8 M10x1,25 75 14 19 M5 19 13 17 32,5 5,5 2 2,2 13,5 7,5 82,5 430 3,64