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Series RPGB

Series RPGB

Angular, not self-centering, single-acting, Normally Open
Models: Flat Finger, Short Finger, Flat Finger with sensor
Size 8, 12 mm
The external design, the choice of materials and the search for miniaturization makes Series RPGB a compact and lightweight solution.
The D model is provided with a finger having a slot for the installation of a magnetic sensor which is able to detect the grip of the piece.

Its technical features ensure a high gripping force and make this gripper particularly suitable in the removal of injection molded items.
The surface treatments on each metallic part make this series very wear resistant.
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Operation single-acting, normally open
Materials anodized aluminium body and fingers, HNBR seals
Working pressure 2.5 bar ÷ 8 bar
Working temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C
Max frequency 3 Hz
Lubrication not necessary
Ports M5
Fluid filtered air, class 6.8.4 according to ISO 8573-1, without lubrication
Size 8, 12 mm
Weights 15 g (size 8) - 50 g (size 12)
Gripping torque at 6 bar Opening torque at 6 bar Gripping force at 6 bar 25 Ncm (size 8) - 90 Ncm (size 12)
2 Ncm (size 8) - 5 Ncm (size 12)
7 N (size 8) - 30 N (size 12)
Closing time without load 10 ms
Opening time 30 ms
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