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Series CGPL

Series CGPL

Double acting, magnetic, self-centering
Bores: 8, 12, 16, 20

The long-stroke Series CGPL parallel gripper is a flexible and efficient solution for applications with restricted space. The integrated ball bearing guide and compact, lightweight design allow fast and precise handling of components, even in high-duty cycle situations. With its flat construction, this parallel gripper can withstand high loads and rapid acceleration, making it an ideal solution for assembly and industrial robotics.

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Type of construction Self-centering parallel gripper
Operation Double acting
Bores 8, 12, 16, 20
Air connections M3 (8) M5 (12, 16, 20)
Working pressure 1,5 ÷ 7 bar (8) 1 ÷ 7 bar (12, 16, 20)
Working temperature 5°C ÷ 60°C (standard)
Store temperature 5°C ÷ 90°C
Maximum use frequency 2Hz (short stroke), 2Hz (medium stroke), 1Hz (long stroke)
Repeatibility 0,05 mm This is the value when the fingers do not grip unbalanced loads. In case of an unbalanced load, the maximum value is 0.15 mm due to the effect of the rack and pinion play.
Interchangeability 0,1 mm
Medium Filtered air in class [7:4:4] according to ISO 8573-1. In case lubricated air is used, we recommend ISOVG32 oil and to never interrupt lubrication.
Compatibility ROHS Directive

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