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Series D1

Series D1

Fieldbus connection with the most common communication protocols PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherNET/IP, EtherCAT and IO-Link
Multipole connection with 25 or 44 pins
Valve functions: 2x2/2; 2x3/2; 5/2; 5/3 CC, CO, CP
Thanks to the large range of options available, the Series D valve island represent an excellent solution for all those applications that require pneumatic and electrical functions in restricted spaces.

The different electrical connection possibilities allow to create Islands with a high number of valve positions and different pressure zones. Moreover, the fieldbus version can manage both digital and analog electric input and output signals.
It is possible to configure the code of islands without the Fieldbus communication cover.
The cover with the desired Fieldbus can be assembled next, after installation.
Just like the pneumatic section, it is possible to equip the island with free electric modules for subsequent setups with different I/O configurations.
It is not necessary to disassemble and disconnect the island from the machine.

Small dimensions, high flows, subbases with individual pneumatic and electric modules, an easy subbase connection system, constant diagnosis and monitoring of performance parameters make this series a particularly innovative product.

One of the features of this series is the monitoring function regarding the correct operating of the solenoid valve.
The electronics installed both in the subbase and in the Sub-D and multi-serial connection module, enables to constantly monitor the efficiency of the driving coil of the solenoid valve.
Possible variations with respect to the ideal operating conditions, for example a higher power consumption, variation in response times and an increased temperature are indicated through different ways of blinking by the LED on the solenoid valve and by an electric alert signal that is sent to the PLC through the Sub-D module connecting cable or, in case of the multi-serial connection module, directly through the communication protocol.
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If you have entered Filters, try changing them or look in the "Configurator" tab
Valve construction spool with seals
Valve functions 5/2 monostable and bistable
5/3 CC, CO, CP
2x3/2 NC
2x3/2 NO
1x3/2 NC + 1x3/2 NO
Materials spool: AL
spool seals: HNBR
other seals: NBR
body: AL
end caps: polymer
subbase size 1: polymer
Connections outlet 2 and 4, size 10,5 mm: tube Ø 4 - 5/32, tube Ø 6 - 1/8

supply 1: tube Ø 8 - 5/16
supply 12/14: tube Ø 4 - 5/32

exhaust 3 and 5: tube Ø 8 - 5/16
exhaust 82/84: tube Ø 4 - 5/32
Temperature 0 ÷ 50°C
Air characteristics compressed, filtered and non-lubricated air in class [7:4:4] according to ISO 8573-1:2010.
In case lubrication should be necessary, only use oils with a maximum viscosity of 32 Cst and the version with external servo-pilot supply.
The air quality of the servo-pilot supply must be of class [7:4:4] according to ISO 8573-1:2010 (do not lubricate).
Valve sizes 1 = 10,5 mm
Operating pressure -0,9 ÷ 10 bar
Internal pilot pressure 3 ÷ 7 bar
4,5 ÷ 7 bar (with operating pressure exceeding 6 bar for the version 2x3/2)
External pilot pressure SEE GRAPHS
Flow rate 250 Nl/min
Mounting position any position
Protection class IP65
Type of Sub-D connector 25 or 44 pins
Max. absorption 0,8 A (with Sub-D connector 25 pins)
1,5 A (with Sub-D connector 44 pins)
Supply voltage 24 V DC ± 10%
Max. number of coils to operate 22 on 11 valve positions (with Sub-D connector 25 pins)
38 on 19 valve positions (with Sub-D connector 44 pins)
Signalling LED Multipole: green LED - presence of power
red LED - anomaly
Valve: yellow LED - presence of power
blinking yellow LED - operating fault
General data

see Multi-serial Modules section on the next pages
Max. absorption 2,5 A
Supply voltage 24 V DC +/-10% logic supply
24 V DC +/-10% power supply
Max. number of coils to operate 128 on 64 valve positions
Max. number of digital inputs 128
Max. number of analog inputs 16
Max. number of digital outputs 128
Max. number of analog outputs 16
Max n° of coils to operate 64 on 32 valve positions
Input and Output No
Type of port Class B
IODD Configuration file

(The IO-Link module on the valve island is auto-configured to operate with the right IODD)
Up to 12, 24 or 32 valve positions per island
More information can be found at http://catalogue.camozzi.com Series D “Instructions for use and maintenance”
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