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Series VPCM

Series VPCM

Suction pads in Elastodur ED-65.
Diameters from 20 to 50 mm with thread size G1/8 and G1/4, both male and female.
Series VPCM suction pads consist of a nipple and rubber part which are delivered assembled.
Both components can be ordered separately as spare parts.

These suction pads are very suitable for the handling of packagings like rigid (empty or filled) cardboard boxes and trays.

Common applications are:
- Palletising and de-palletising processes
- Heavy-duty applications in terms of hold and wear.
- Loading from the top and from the side in cartoning machines.
- Applications in which a high compensation in height is needed between the workpieces to handle.
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Description robust hard-wearing suction pads consisting of suction pad VPCM and connection nipple
Construction - nipples and suction pads are supplied already assembled
- diameters of 60 mm and more: nipple screwed into supporting plate vulcanised to the pad
Maintenance it is possible to replace the soft element
Working temperature ELASTODUR version: -40°C ÷ +100°C (for short time <30 sec.); -25°C ÷ +80°C (long-term)
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