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Series KL

Series KL

2/2-way - Normally Closed (NC)
3/2-way - Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO)
3/2-way - Universal (UNI)
Series KL are miniaturised solenoid valves with a width of only 10 mm. The body is designed in such a way it can be mounted both on manifold and on subbase and the valve is available in 2-way normally closed and in 3-way normally closed, open and universal version. The use of a longer coil allowed to increase the pressure values the valves can withstand.
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Function 2/2 NC - 3/2 NC - 3/2 NO - 3/2 UNI
Operation direct acting poppet type
Pneumatic connections on subbase
Orifice diameter 0.6 ... 1.6 mm
Flow coefficient kv (l/min) 0.12 ... 0.50
Operating pressure 0 ÷ 2 ... 7 bar
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 50 °C
Fluid filtered compressed air, unlubricated, according to ISO 8573-1:2010 class [3:4:3], inert gas
Response time ON <10 ms – OFF <10 ms
Manual override monostable or bistable - only for 3/2 versions
Installation in any position
Body PBT
Seals FKM
Internal parts stailess steel - brass
Voltage 6 ... 24 V DC - other voltages on demand
Voltage tolerance ±10%
Power consumption 1 W - 1.3/0.3 W - 4/1 W
Duty cycle ED 100%
Electrical connection connector mod. 121-8... - M8 connector mod. CS... (the M8 connection of the valve accepts polarity reversal)
Protection class IP50 with connector 121-8... - IP65 with M8 connector
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