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Series DRCS

Series DRCS

One-size full digital drives with WLAN system and NFC integrated
Series DRCS drives, compact and optimised in one size, are capable of controlling all Camozzi Stepper motors with two-phase and micro-stepping feed. The use of the micro-stepping control technology (up to 1/16 of a step) enables the drive to almost replicate a sinusoidal current while considerably reducing the natural resonance of the motor itself. 

Series DRCS drives can calculate the normal resonance frequency of the motors and optimise their performance. The availability of eight inputs allows the realisation of a table of 127 commands, for each of which it is possible to set position, speed, acceleration and deceleration. Each command can be absolute or relative. Through the Step and Direction commands, it is possible to control the drive in frequency mode. The frequency defines the speed, while the number of steps defines the position. The Series DRCS drives are equipped with serial protocols CANopen CiA 301 and CiA 402 through which it is possible to perform motion control and condition monitoring of the drive. To configure the drive, wired USB 2.0 or WLAN connections can be used. Thanks to an innovative system that takes advantage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, it is possible to extract production and statistical data on the use of the drive, which are essential parameters for industry 4.0.
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Logic 18 ÷ 32 V DC
Power 24 ÷ 60 V DC
Current 0,1 ÷ 5 A
Holding current Automatic reduction of the holding current with motor in stop mode,
this function can be set according to the holding current or its delay
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 40°C (up to 55°C with forced ventilation)
Storage temperature -20°C ÷ 70°C
Humidity 0 ÷ 90%
Altitude < 1000 meters
Vibration 1G (10 to 500 Hz)
Protection Overvoltage, minimum voltage, overtemperature,
short-circuit or grounding on the motor
Control method 4 state PWM 20kHz
Amplification type Dual H-Bridge, 4 Quadrants
Position control encoder 100 to 5000 differential impulses / revolution
Input control signal 12 opto-isolated 24 V DC
Output control signal 6 opto-isolated
Input impulse control Step inlet and frequency direction maximum 10kHz
Output control signal Electromechanical brake max current 1A
Communication interface
RFID with NFC devices
CANopen CiA 301 and CiA 402 (interpolated position mode)
Microstep emulation High resolution by means of microstepping and a detailed synchronization.
Reduction of oscillations and of resonance vibrations
Anti-Resonance Activation of the oscillation system in order to reduce vibrations and
obtain a smooth movement, control of speed and a reduction of the time of oscillation
Led status green led
Configuration Digital with the Camozzi QSet configuration software
Control methods Digital inputs
Data retention memory Flash
Configuration data backup memory E²prom
Weight 0,46 kg

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Series DRCS drives

Mod. Max. current Logic supply Power supply Communication Versions
DRCS-A05-8-D-0-A 7 A 24 V DC 24 ÷ 48 V DC Digital I/O and impulse frequency standard
DRCS-A05-8-C-0-A 7 A 24 V DC 24 ÷ 48 V DC CANopen, Digital I/O and impulse frequency standard
DRCS-A05-8-D-0-B 7 A 24 V DC 24 ÷ 48 V DC Digital I/O and impulse frequency WLAN BL-BLE
DRCS-A05-8-C-0-B 7 A 24 V DC 24 ÷ 48 V DC CANopen, Digital I/O and impulse frequency WLAN BL-BLE