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Series 29

Series 29

Tube external diameters: 4, 6 and 8mm
Threads: BSP (G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, R1/8, R1/4)
The mini ball valves are used to open or close air or fluids in industrial applications characterised by extremely reduced spaces.

The miniaturised dimensions and light weight of Series 29 enable a quick installation at any point of the system, also thanks to the push-in connection or thread.
The design and materials used make this series particularly suitable for compressed air systems as well as hydraulic circuits and systems.
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Function 2/2-way, 3/2-way with exhaust
Operation 90° lever rotation
Ports G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, R1/8, R1/4
Tube diameter Ø 4, 6, 8 mm
Orifice diameter 6 mm (MINI version)
8 mm bis 10 mm (ECO, butterfly and 3/2-way with exhaust)
Operating pressure 0 ÷ 10 bar
Operating temperature -10 °C ÷ 90 °C
Materials valve body, rod, collet: brass;
ball: nickel plated brass; ball seals: PTFE
rod sealing ring: FKM; Lever: Glass charged PA66
Surface finishing chrome plated, sandblasted and chrome plated (only butterfly version)
Medium compressed air, inert gases, water, oil - other on demand