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Series PRE

Series PRE

Two sizes available: PRE1 and PRE2
Ports G1/8 - G1/4 - G3/8 - 1/4NPTF
The Series PRE proportional pressure regulator is equipped with a new technology, CoilVision, which constantly monitors the operation of the solenoids in the regulator to assess their health status. 

All data generated by the regulator can be transmitted wirelessly, for logging, aggregation and analysis and can be viewed through the UVIX software, downloadable from the Camozzi Catalogue website.

The Series PRE is available in two sizes and in different configurations, including IOLink
connectivity. As well as the standard options with and without display, there is a version with an integral exhaust valve, which enables the system to exhaust even without a power supply.

A manifold version enables the control of several outlets with only one inlet, while a version with an additional external sensor connection enables pressure control at any point in the system.
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Standard of reference CE; RoHS; ATEX; UL-CSA
Controlled quantity Pressure
Number of ways 3
Flow (Qn) PRE104 - 1100 Nl/min PRE238 - 4600 Nl/min
Fluid Filtered and non-lubricated compressed air of class 7.4.4 according to ISO 8573.1. Inert gases and oxygen
Min & max regulated pressure (bar) 0 - 1 bar (0-14,5 PSI)(B) 0,05 - 10,3 bar (0,72-150 PSI)(D) 0,05 - 6 bar (0,72-87 PSI)(F)
0,03 - 4 bar (0,43-58 PSI) (E) 0,05 - 7 bar (0,72-101,5 PSI) (G)
Maximum inlet pressure 2 bar (B) 5 bar (E) 11 bar (D); (G) ed (F)
External sensor (optional) input signal 0-10 V DC or 4-20 mA
Resolution (% FS) 0,3 (Size 1) 0,6 (Size 2)
Fluid temperature (min and max °C) 0 - 50 °C
Environmental temperature (min and max °C) 0 - 50 °C
Pneumatic ports G1/8 - G1/4 - G3/8 - 1/4 NPTF
Materials body: aluminium - cover: technopolymer - seals: NBR or FKM
Supply voltage (V) 24 V DC
Command signal 0-10V (2); 4-20 mA (4); 5 bit Digital (D); IO-Link (I)
Hysteresis (% FS) 0,5% (Size 1) 0.7% (Size 2)
Power consumption From a minimum of 105 to a maximum of 250 mA (see the product manual for further details)
Type of electrical connection M12 5 Pin Male (IO-Link)
M12 8 Pin Male (Analog and PreSet)
M12 12 Pin Male (version with external sensor)
IP protection class IP65
Repeatability (% FS) 0,4
Linearity (% FS) 0,4
Modularity with Series MD
PRE in IO-Link version V1.1 according to standard IEC 61131-9 / 61131-2
Feedback signal 0-5 V DC and 4-20 mA (always present in the version with analog command signal (2) (4))
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